"The Best of the Best"

Frye Gaillard has recently had the privilege of contributing to two different books featuring the work of good friends. Gaillard edited and wrote the introduction for The Poetry of Faith: Sermons Preached in a Southern Church by Steven Dill, who is one of the South’s most distinguished ministers. Released in April 2013, The Poetry of Faith features twenty of Dill’s meditations, beginning with “a Christian apology for slavery,” which he was asked to deliver to an African-American congregation in Alabama. “The poetry of Dill’s preaching,” Gaillard wrote in the book’s introduction, “caught the quick of my imagination and quietly, inevitably made me think.” In addition, Gaillard wrote a companion essay for renowned photographer Don Stukey’s collection, This Old Wheel Will Roll Around Again: A Pictorial History of the South, 1950-1990. Sturkey, former Southern Photographer of the Year during his time at the Charlotte Observer, recently donated his catalogue of photographs to the University of North Carolina’s Wilson Library in Chapel Hill. The library in turn commissioned Gaillard to write an essay for this book, which features some of Sturkey’s strongest images. “Don Sturkey is the best of the best,” said Gaillard. “What an honor to write this ‘verbal illustration’ for his photographs.”

The Books That Mattered: A Reader’s Memoir, by Frye Gaillard

Frye Gaillard’s latest book from NewSouth Books offers a reader’s tribute to the writings that enriched and altered his life. In a series of carefully crafted, often deeply personal essays, Gaillard blends memoir, history and critical analysis to explore the works of Harper Lee, Anne Frank, James Baldwin, Robert Penn Warren, John Steinbeck, and many others. As this heartfelt reminiscence makes clear, the books that chose Frye Gaillard shaped him like an extended family. Reading The Books That Mattered will make you study your own shelves to find clues into your own literary heart.

“An exuberantly written account of one writer’s leap toward understanding life’s intersection with literature.”
- Kirkus Reviews

Now Available!

The Quilt and the Poetry of Alabama Music, by Frye Gaillard and Kathryn Scheldt

In this book-length combination of essays and song lyrics, Frye Gaillard and Kathryn Scheldt pay tribute to the literary legacy of Alabama’s songwriters. Since 2008, Gaillard and Scheldt, a singer-songwriter from Fairhope, AL, have co-written three album’s worth of songs, including Scheldt’s top ten country hit, “Almost Cheatin’,” and “The Last Shrimp Boat,” which anchors the soundtrack of the documentary, In the Path of the Storms. Working with hall of fame guitarist Ricky Hirsch, Gaillard and Scheldt are completing work on “The Quilt and Other Song Stories,” an Americana album to accompany this book. The book and CD are now available separately or together. The book, published with the support of The History Museum of Mobile, is an inaugural publication of Solomon & George, a new literary publisher in Auburn, AL.